Digital Design

DesignDonkey websites are a marketing and conversion tool that will play a significant part in your company’s growth. Your site is your digital footprint and storefront on the Internet. It guides visitors through a customer journey in the same way that your staff educates customers who interact with your business. A strategic layout and visual design, along with website responsiveness, can direct prospects towards the checkout page or the contact us form.

DesignDonkey specializes in web development that is effective in satisfying both customer expectations and search engine ranking algorithms. Your website should be essential for driving sales and promoting business growth that can be tracked and accounted for.

We build interactive web designs that help optimize your strategic direction and showcase your business by distinguishing you from your competition.  This is accomplished through unique and brand-accurate creative designs that give your visitor’s fully immersive experiences they can’t find anywhere else. As a full-service digital marketing agency, DesignDonkey customizes your website to drive SEO and generate monetary returns.

With our solutions-oriented approach to online marketing and branding, our talented team of professionals will provide proven results that align with your strategic marketing and sales goals.

Captivate your online visitors with a website that expresses your brand and vision perfectly while providing your customers with a great UI/UX experience. This ensures your new customers share their experience by telling their friends about your company and product either indirectly through social channels or directly through shared links.

In general terms this translates to… a great dynamic website and shopping experience that not only generates views and a positive user interface but converts clicks to sales which ultimately lowers your cost per acquisition.

  • Custom website development and consultation
  • SEO optimization and campaign management
  • Logo development and refresh
  • Company Branding and Product Launch
  • Photography
  • Data Analytics and Market Research
  • Social Media and Social Influencing
  • Custom Print Stickers and Labels
    • Total in-house Print Solutions