Digital Signage

N2grals authorized partnership with Toshiba allows us to present their line of Digital Displays and Retail and Interactive Experiences.

We provide an propose digital signage systems that are optimized to meet each customer’s needs, including transmission of information, entertainment, advertisement and promotion, shop information, restaurant menus, large indoor/outdoor screens, spatial exhibitions, education, and so on…

In today’s times and environment to stay ahead and separate yourself in a unique, creative, and dynamic digital expression with our digital signage solutions to enhance your messaging to inform, educate, and entertain your audience in a bold, new and interactive way.

  • KIOSKS- Enhance your customers experience and your brand by adding interactive technology to engage with your e-commerce platform or content with amazing and easy-to-install self service kiosks.
  • Video Walls- Seamless and scalable to any size and shape, our beautiful and engaging video walls look great from any angle. With advanced technology and design innovation, our displays set the standard in outstanding image quality and maximum brightness.
  • Retail and Interactive Experiences
    • Smart Tech Meets Sales Tech- Even the best sales associates could use a hand. Enhance your in-store experience with interactive digital signage solutions that enable you to display impactful multimedia content and allow shoppers to learn about your company and products in an engaging and interactive way.