An MFP, multi-functional, all-in-one, or multi-function device, is an office machine which incorporates the functionality of multiple devices in one, so as to have a smaller footprint in a home or small business setting, or to provide centralized document management/distribution/production in a large-office setting.

N2gral solutions has a different approach in our offerings in that we are first and foremost your total solutions provider; meaning, we have partnered and authorized by industry leading manufacturers to provide our business partner (you the customer) the most comprehensive and cost-efficient technology available today that is specifically suited for your unique organization.

We achieve this by doing a comprehensive analysis of your operation, outline the key areas of interest, and then present our solution that directly resolves your day-to-day operational quandaries.

We are so confident in our technology and services that we offer an unconditional guarantee.

Our manufacturer partnerships include the outstanding and award-winning MFP technology from;

  • COPYSTAR (Kyocera Technology)
  • MURATEC (Konica Minolta)

Simply put, there isn’t a more diversified program and opportunity than our total solutions approach.